Exit Interview Outsourcing

Exit Interview Outsourcing
Every organization faces certain challenges threatening the workforce productivity, business profitability and employee engagement. This often makes the employees leave an organization looking for better opportunities. However, conducting exit interviews can help an organization to know the reasons of employee retention and other areas of weaknesses to be addressed.

Issues Related With Exit Interviews (EI)
While leaving an organization, an employee might not desire to put up his/her reputation at stake. Looking from the perspective of an employee, he/she might want to finish on a good note than saying anything negative about the organization. Rather talking to a third party, the person might reveal facts on why he/she wants to leave the company giving an insight on what should be improved.

Why Should You Outsource Exit Interview Service
Exit Interview is a time consuming process with the purpose of identifying the factors resulting in employee attrition in an organization. Outsourcing is simply a great idea for the companies reluctant to establish a separate team to conduct the EI process. Here are stated some of the good reasons for outsourcing:
• It is just a perfect way to seek complete information from outgoing employees
• It saves time of HR department to conduct the EI and then prepare report for every case
• It creates a fair departure for an outgoing employee thereby helping organizations find ways to bring back their former employees
• Exited employee/s will have a positive attitude towards their ex-organization for investing into EI process

Why Should You Outsource Exit Interview To MTS
MTS is proud to have worked with several leading business entities. We are proud to have offered the companies with great EI solutions that helped those in:
• Retaining their employees
• Faster processing for enhanced productivity of employees
• Improved HR system
We can come up with industry specific proficiency to deal well with the EI process. Besides, we can make you aware of the important areas behind the attrition rate knowing which you can take important steps to avoid such problems further.

What we do in exit interview
• Engage experts to interview outgoing employees
• Ask customized questions as per your specification to the outgoing employees
• Help you analyze problem areas regarding employee turnover
• Provide you complete report with feedback and comprehensive analysis

How to Outsource To MTS
We follow a very simple approach of conducting exit interviews. First, we will have a discussion with client followed by which we will prepare a set of customized questionnaire for your outgoing employees. On the basis of feedbacks, we can help you determine the key areas on why employees are leaving. Visit our “Contact” page and submit your details. Our representatives will contact you henceforth.

Exit Interview Software Tools We Use
We make use of PeopleStream, Grapevine and many such other software tools to provide you great services. We ensure that these tools are matching upto the industry standards.

Advantages of Outsourcing to MTS
Being the top player in the field, we can offer you with effective solutions to conduct a successful exit interview. With us, you can enjoy the following advantages:
• Reducing you organizational cost related to employee attrition
• Better your relationship with your staffs
• Prevention of employee attrition in future
• Retaining HR expertise
• 24*7 service
• Increase productivity
• Saves time to conduct interviews, record data and analyze logistics

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Want to reduce your employee attrition rate? Feel free to contact us and we assure to deliver you the best regarding exit interview outsourcing services.