Employee Self services

Employee Self Services(ESS) Outsourcing
Employees form one of theimportant assets of an organization to grow. Therefore, it is important for an organization to value their employees by making them feel secured. The safer the employeesfeel, the better they would perform. This will help in reaping profits by improving the outlook of a business entity. Employee Self Services (ESS) is a part of the HR management allowing an employee to manage his/her HR associated admin services. Historically large organizations used to have their separate HR team managingthe task but with outsourcing services, it has become easier for small andlarge-scale businesses.

Employee Self Service Issues
ESS undoubtedly helps in doing various jobs for employees. Yet managing everything single-handedly might be difficultfor an organization especially when itdoes not have a separate HR team to manage so. Outsourcing the job to a third party will make you enjoy services of a virtual team without sharing or expanding your space thereby saving time of your managers to carry out other important tasks.

Outsourcing Is a Great Idea – Why
Often businesses feel they can manage everything without seeking help of an external party. However, sometimes the decision can bring a great loss for the company. Here are some good reasons on why you should opt for outsourcing:
• Cut down your costs and big savings
• Maintaining financial flexibility while there is demand shortness
• Increasing your in-house competence
• Make you look after the core activities
• Increase in overall productivity
• Help to manage risks better
• 24*7 service

Outsourcing to MTS Can Gain Your Business a Competitive Edge
MTS has an added advantage of working with several organizations in the past. Here we can reorganize communication employees between employees and their payrolls. We can help your business optimize efficiency whilst reducingthe expenses related to bottom line. You can enjoy high quality customer service with advanced as well as innovative solutions to suit your business requirements specifically. We assure access for 24*7.

How to Outsource To MTS
At MTS, we follow a strategic approach towards offering Employee Self Services. We prefer talking to you before taking any step further. Understanding your requirements, we customize our services. Hence, go to our “Contact” page, submit all your details and one of our representatives will contact you sooner.

Software/ Tools We Use
We understand the importance of managing as well as maintaining personal details of your employees. Therefore, we use some of the effective software tools like Optimum ESS, Ascentis ESS, BambooHR ESS, CIPHR Net, etc.

Advantages of Outsourcing to MTS
Outsourcing to MTS can benefit your employees in a number of ways:
• They are able to view & edit their bank accounts and other details easily
• Allow employees to fill up their respective timesheets
• Employees are able to view leave history & balances anytime
• Theycan access pay slips & payment summaries online
• Inquire about the loan schemes available
• Request for payment overtime
• Better risk management
• Develop internal task force and use efficiently
• Focus on primary business tasks

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