Criminal Verification

Criminal Verification Outsourcing Services
For running a healthy business, it is required that people involved in it should have clean background records. However, the task is tedious in nature. In that case, outsourcing criminal verification service can help you to hire right employees and ensure the business’s reputation.

Issues Faced While Hiring Candidates
During first meet, it is not possible for a HR manager to know the background of a candidate. You may apply pressure tactics to know about the activities, which the candidate has performed in his or her previous company. How much the job applicant is genuine, it cannot be ascertained in short time, as there are other candidates waiting for their turn to face interview. In that case, you need the help of a third party, who can perform screening checks and provide you with factual reports.

Why You Need to Outsource the Criminal Verification Task?
Some people working with you might have been involved in criminal cases in the past. If this information spreads to your clients of customers, it can ruin your business reputation. Therefore, in order to keep the goodwill of your business in safe place, you need to outsource the candidate screening task to a criminal verification service provider, who can apply apt skills to make you aware of job applicants who have dubious past records.

MTS is the Right Place for Safeguarding Your Goodwill
In order to protect your business from candidates with criminal background, you can hire a criminal verification service. However, getting a genuine service is the challenge.
When you knock MTS, you are at safe hands. Our years of experience have made us capable of handling critical tasks. We have efficient professionals in place, who know the measures that are required for reaching a conclusion.
MTS shares relationship with local administrative bodies and state agencies, which can provide the required data needed for conducting the verification process.

Our Services Include
Educational background checks
Financial forgery investigation
Drug abuse verification
Employment verification
Credit checks and may more

We Are Smart At Our Work
MTS can justify the above said statement. Carrying out manual procedures for verifying a candidate’s background requires lot of time and labor. We pay value to your time and patience. This is the reason, we take help of reliable software tools that can solve a purpose in short time and this kind of approach facilitates quick delivery of reports.
To name a few, we use branded software tools like iCrederty, InstaScreen Premiere 2.0, etc for conducting safe background checks.
This is how MTS conducts verification activities for building efficient and honest employee base.

See How MTS Can Benefit Your Business
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Our services meet industry regulations and eliminate risks of non- compliant processes
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