About Us

MTS-About Us

At MTS, we are dedicated to help your business grow. We deliver marketing, PR, social media management, legal support and various other services as an outsourcing partner. As quintessential marketers, we have years of experience and each of our team members and advisors can deliver professionally integrated solutions that deliver results.


Our experts work as outsourced directors on projects and contracts. Our team is inclusive of board advisors, brand specialists, PR consultants and business development and marketing consultants who work with internal stakeholders of a business and varied business partners for delivering solutions that is in line with the strategies developed.You can trust us for unparralled onshore and offshore solutions. We have been serving varied organizations all over the world helping them to:


 • Increase efficiency and productivity
• Develop operational performance
• Obtain flexibility in manpower and staffing management
• Optimize costs


However, we began to expand ourselves with the market scenario offering a number of specialized services in the arenas of:


 • Finance & Accounting Services
• Engineering Services
• Healthcare Services
• Research & Analytics Services
• Creative Services
• Data Entry Services
• Call Centre Support Services
• Planning and Advisory Services
• Human Resource Services
• Operation Outsourcing Services
• Virtual Assistant Services
• Legal Support Services
• Marketing Services
• And Many More….


Our success story is remarkable which began with small to multi-functional teams showing their passion and creativity in different sites. We have been offering unimaginable offshore and onshore solutions for all small, medium and large scale companies and industries all over the world so that they can:


 • Minimize costs
• Boost up efficiency and productivity
• Gain versatility in manpower management and staffing and
• Develop running performance

Our Vision

Our vision is offering values to clients to ensure they attain sustainable, reliable growth for long term.MTS wants to bepartnered with clientsto provide trusted relationship for offshore work.

Our Mission

We are committed to render present value to all our clients, their customers and people. At MTS, we use best practices and methodology to render cost-effective solutions in supreme quality globally to help our clients to achieve their business targets and objectives.


We want to carry out our business across the borders from single point contact thereby offering reliable relationship in offshore work.

MTS Working And Methodology

MTS, unlike many other outsourcing companies, establish themselves as service hub for all your service outsourcing needs.MTS provides more than hundred plus services under its serviceumbrella through different channels.


We have strong, efficient and trusted team to provide value added services to our clients. We take complete ownership and responsibility of the given assignments including confidentiality.


Wealways strive to work in the best interest of the client andto efficiently serve them by reducing the cost and boosting the service levels.


MTS always take and share the responsibility from the client. While assigning the job, we createhealthy competitionamong the pre-qualified service providerswith whom MTS has already partnered. MTS assign the job to the successful serviceprovider who can perform the job considering all relevant factors like cost, capability, willingness, timeline, ownership, responsibility and confidentiality.


MTS takes full ownership and responsibility of the given assignment and understands that how important and critical the assignment is. MTS always respects the confidentiality of the assignment and enters into Non Disclosure Agreement.

Our Values

• We follow transparent communication with our clients and stakeholder for avoidance of delusion.

• Not only are we honest to clients, stakeholders and ourselves but also give them complete liberty to carry out their businesses.

• We never compromise with our integrity keeping up professional ethics.

• We work smart, quick with 100% accuracy.

• We are proactive and vigilant

• We focus on continuous improvement

• We are adaptable and respect change

• We deliver the best customer experience

Infrastructure & Security

We comprise of contemporary communications and computing technology with the power backup of UPS along with the power generators for the power cut. Our telecom and internet technologies at the delivery centers offer proper platform to deliver effective customer support and service complying with the industry standards. Moreover, our advanced security technologies ensure integrity of data for our clients.


MTS uses secure VPN communications, spam filers, virus cure and prevention, URL filtering, and firewalls as various network protection measures. We maintain high-end infrastructure of Internet security and incorporate stringent measures for that. Thus, MTS’s network security is full proof.


MTS is capable of detecting and handling any information breach as well-defined and clear processes are used. Every project goes through the checking of security gaps at varied levels. The first step is prevention of any security breach possibility. Even if there is any unlikely breach of security, we detect it and take swift remedial measures.

What Can You Expect From Us

At MTS, we look forward to provide comfort zone to our clients via trouble-free and seamless process. We always go one mile extra to offer them effective services:


• Increased revenue and cost savings
• Considerable increase in your business productivity
• Rapid turnaround of the project work
• Customer service team to answer to customer queries 24*7
• Project management team to focus on the transitions and project
• Quality assessment team to check the quality standards
• Retention strategies and resource planning for permanence

Why Should You Choose Us

To maintain a great service quality and constancy, we offer our clients with one-point contact irrespective of where they are situated. However, we offer services globally but assure of a very personal service. Moreover, the professionals who handle their business requirements being locals are aware of what it should be to accomplish their task. This ensures of regular business communication and management simple but effective that saves money and time of our clients.

Industrial Spirit

This is our key to success. It urges us to recognize aspirations and requirements of our clients and offer the services as they expect.

Globally Present

Offering services worldwide, we can well understand the local markets as well. We have dedicated experts who are placed strategically worldwide to provide much needed support and help our clients’ global venture. They ensure to aid our clients to setup and enlarge their businesses flawlessly wherever they desire for thereby evading possible dangers.

Raising Market

With our branches opened at almost all the emerging markets, we have developed tactical partnerships with both the government as well as private levels. This facilitates us maximizing the potential being provided by such emerging countries following which we transfer the value to our clients and partners. All the emerging markets pave the way for growth with no or very less competition. We have professional advisors to work in conjunction with our clients to reach out to the borders, develop new markets, get new customers and make the most of new opportunities.

Our Portfolio

We are proud to have managed a number of outsourcing ventures right from the Call Center to Healthcare, Research and Analysis and Engineering services.

Our Strength

We are into the industry for a longer period and therefore can recognize your uneasiness and requirements relating to outsourcing. Our dedicated and qualified team is at par to implement your particular needs of both short as well as long-term projects. We excel in communication skills – spoken and written. We never compromise on the turnaround times and quality standards.


At MTS, we know how to exploit complete potential of the technology for serving our clients in the world. Our expertise team looking after outsourcing follows a five-step process, which guarantees accuracy. Best part is we have an in-depth knowledge in different fields to offer you the best. We have strategic delivery sites in the outsourcing hotspots.

Our Team

• Business Analysts
• Sales & Marketing Pros
• Management Graduates
• Chartered Accountants
• Qualified Engineers
• Experienced Lawyers
• Expert Writers
• Customer Service Reps
• Graphic Designers and
• Other Domain Experts

Our Management Team

In the management team, we have talented people having experience in different sectors. They have all-embracing exposure working in the global markets. So, they clearly recognize international viewpoints of our clientsand offer them required services.

Our Expertise

• Situation Analysis: Analyze the needs of our clients to discover the outsource-enable elements.


• Trial Program: We go for a trial program prior to signing the contract.


• Transition Management: We ensure of a seamless performance at critical stage once your project has been moved offshore.


• Project Management: We administer the aspects of our clients’ business and implementing their projects as well.


• Customer Relationship Management: We facilitate the process so that our clients feel easy to work with us.


Being authorized by the processes and authenticated we follow a quality framework within our company. We work on the principle of “Quality At All Stages” that urges each of the project schedules at MTS. All the projects, documents and recommended methods are put under review and proper testing in all the services we render. Each of our engineers, designers and operators are aware of - what, when and how to be done. They work on the pre-approved formats rather than assumptions. Such pre-approved formats even are screened twice prior to finalizing with proposed workflows. All the deliveries are being checked in opposition to pre-agreed checklist compliant to the quality goals.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Share with us any information and we assure to maintain supreme privacy and confidentiality. Even our clients can contact us using their choice of medium and we assure not to reveal their identity unless they express or give consent.

Outsourcing Perfected

Our seasoned professionals will experience you something different. Being into the industry for long years, we are able to deal with all the aspects of our clients’ outsourcing venture. With us, get answers to all your questions, confirm the claims, stopover at our delivery branches and get to learn the advantages of doing business with MTS. We guarantee that you can enjoy complete liberty to expand your business whilst we take up the responsibility of managing your project as well as delivering to the back office requirements of our clients.

Do you want a reliable partner who you can trust with outsourcing? You can get in touch with us for any of your outsourcing requirements and we assure to be there at your service.